3.24 COVID-19 Update Alachua & Statewide

Mar 24, 2020 | Member News

Good Afternoon Members,

We have two new Orders re: COVID-19 that you should know about. One is local and one is statewide. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. ALACHUA COUNTYAlachua County Emergency Order 2020-09. For those Management Companies operating in or managing communities in Alachua County, the linked Emergency Order closes all “non essential businesses” in Alachua County. However, the Order references what our Managers do as “essential” in two places, thereby permitting our Managers to continue operating:
    1. On page 5 (of 10), #9 “i” defines “Essential Businesses and Operations” to include “building and apartment management and maintenance.”
    2. On page 3 (of 10), #6 defines “Essential Infrastructure” to include “building management and maintenance,” which would include our services; and 
  2. STATEWIDEGovernor’s Executive Order 20-80 re: NY, NJ and CT. For all of our Management Companies, the Governor has issued an Order requiring 14-day “stay at home” isolation for all travelers into Florida from the States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Many of our communities include residents who travel to and from these states, where the highest concentration of COVID-19 infection is located. In an effort to inform your residents, please post this Order conspicuously on your Associations’ websites and in common areas. This Order is currently being provided to all travelers arriving at all Florida airports from these three states. 

That’s all for now. For any additional information about COVID-19 in Florida, please visit The Florida Department of Health’s Data and Surveillance Dashboard

At your service, 

Mark Anderson
Executive Director, CEOMC