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CEOMC unifies CEO’s of management companies allowing them to be part of an organization that protects the community association industry.

CEOMC provides a platform to exchange ideas and common interests between CEO’s of management companies.

CEOMC works for the benefit of more than 47,000 community associations and millions of homeowners on a daily basis. As a result, the management profession, and the homeowners it serves, greatly benefit from the leadership CEOMC provides.

CEOMC is the most legitimate and necessary insurance policy you can have against an unpredictable and often uninformed government.

The return on your investment in CEOMC:

CEOMC will navigate you through the often uncertain waters of Florida’s legislative and regulatory structure to help your company before, not after, the fact.

CEOMC will keep your legislators informed about the community association management profession so they are educated, prepared, and you are protected.

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