CEOMC Defeated anti-Estoppel Certificate Legislation (aka “The Home Tax”)

Jun 1, 2016 | Advocacy

In 2015 and again in 2016, CEOMC defeated harmful, anti-CAM, anti-Association legislation (House Bill 203/Senate Bill 722) that would have:

  • Prohibited an Association or their CAM from being paid for the preparation of an Estoppel certificate, unless the home for which the Estoppel is requested is sold. Recognizing that Associations have no relationship to a home sale and therefore should not be barred from being paid for their services based on such a condition, CEOMC spared Associations and their CAM’s significant cost increases as well as punitive, arbitrary timelines that would have impaired an Association’s ability to collect past due assessments and effectively operate on behalf of its homeowners.
  • Imposed an arbitrary fee cap of $100 for the preparation of an Estoppel certificate, regardless of the time, cost or liability involved with its preparation.

“Don’t estoppel believing: Now it’s a law”
House Bill 203
Senate Bill 722