Panel backs duties for association managers

Feb 6, 2014 | Media

Source: ca/ndDqb/

TALLAHASSEE — Amid debate about whether unlicensed people are effectively practicing law, the House Civil Justice Subcommittee on Wednesday unanimously approved a bill (PCB CJS 14-02) that would add to the duties that community- association managers can perform. The bill comes after a standing committee of The Florida Bar has scrutinized the unlicensed practice of law and made recommendations to the Florida Supreme Court. Organizations that represent community-association managers, who help run condominium and homeowners’ associations, back the proposed bill. It would make clear that managers can do such things as determining the numbers of votes needed for quorums or to approve board proposals, completing forms created by state laws or state agencies and drafting meeting notices and agendas. Supporters said it would save money if managers can provide such duties instead of paying attorneys for the work. “It is something that there is no reason for a lawyer to be involved with some of this stuff,” said Rep. Jim Waldman, a Coconut Creek Democrat who also is an attorney.